How to install a new operating system on the StakeBox

How to install a new operating system on the StakeBox

If for some reason your operating system has corrupted or things aren't going the way they should be and you have already contacted our support team, then the last option may be to re-flash the operating system to the SD card inserted into the StakeBox. You may also want to install a different cryptocurrency on your StakeBox. 

In this quick guide we will show you how to install a new OS to your StakeBox from your computer.

Note: Make sure you have a backup of your wallet file before proceeding.

What you will need

  • OS image file
  • micro SD card reader (SD adaptor)
  • Computer (Windows or MAC)
  • StakeBox (or new SD card)

Installing a new OS

Step 1 - First of all you will need to remove the current SD card from the StakeBox to either install to the same SD card or replace with a new one. 

First remove the case lid by pulling it off on one side:

Flip the case over and you should see a clip with an arrow underneath. Push the clip and then pull the Raspberry Pi out of the bottom case.

Finally you should see the micro SD card underneath the Pi board. Simply slide it out from the slot.

Step 2 - Insert the micro SD card either into an SD adaptor or if your memory card reader takes micro SD then insert into that and connect to your computer.

Step 3 - On your computer download and install Etcher from -

Once downloaded go ahead an open up Etcher program.

Step 4 - Click on the "Select image" button in Etcher and navigate to where you saved your OS image and select it to be installed.

In the middle click to select your SD card to install the OS to (It may be selected automatically). 

Finally click on the "Flash!" button to begin installing the OS to your SD card (you may need to type your login password).

Step 5 - Once it has finished you can now remove the SD card from its adaptor and memory card reader and then insert it back into the Raspberry Pi (StakeBox).

Step 6 - Finally assemble the case back and connect your peripherals and then the power adaptor. The StakeBox will now boot up with your new OS installed.


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