How to remotely access your PiGrid Research StakeBox

How to remotely access your PiGrid Research StakeBox

If you wish to tuck your StakeBox away somewhere where you can forget about it or you need to connect it somewhere where you don't have physical access then having remote access can save you a lot of time and effort.

Luckily for most of us the PiGrid team have created a nice Android app that you can install on your smart device to access your StakeBox.

Step 1 - Download the PiGrid app on your smart device by heading to the Google Play store and search for "PiGrid" or click on the below button.

Step 2 - Make sure that your PiGrid StakeBox is powered on and is connected to the same local network as you smart device is connected to.

Step 3 - Open up the PiGrid application on your smart device and it will automatically begin searching the local network for your PiGrid device. If it doesn't then you can manually search for devices in the PiGrid menu.

Step 4 - You should see a list of available devices. Select your device and you will be presented with the home page for the PiGrid StakeBox.

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