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The Opendime “Bitcoin Stick” is a disposable, specialized USB device that puts your bitcoins in your hands, just like pounds, euros, or dollars. Give it as a gift, spend it like cash, load it like a debit card—whatever you want, with no need for confirmations or fees. Each Opendime private key is generated from a random file and stays on the device, meaning funds are entirely secure at all times. And when you’re ready to finally use your Bitcoin, just pop your Opendime into position and you’re ready to go.

Turning Bitcoin into “cash”

Opendime is different from everything else currently on the market—it’s not trying to be a traditional hardware wallet for long-term crypto storage.

Instead, the Opendime is totally disposable. Designed by the innovative creators at Coinkite, the device is meant to be used like physical cash: pass it along, put it in your pocket, spend money in person or online, do anything and everything you’d normally do with physical fiat currency.

Indeed, there’s no need to be online to conduct transactions. Your transaction is entirely physical— simply hand over an Opendime as payment, and there’s your confirmation.

Easy to use

Using the Opendime couldn’t be easier. There’s really just three steps:

  • Plug your Opendime into a USB port
  • Open the presented index.thm file
  • Follow the instructions therein

And voila! You’ve set up your trustless off-chain Bitcoin balance. You can now go out into the world and spend your Bitcoin right out of your pocket without ever having to log onto a computer again to access the loaded funds in question.


  • Opendime relies on WIF-format private keys, non-HD (normal) Bitcoin addresses, and Bitcoin message signing.
  • Users can use the device to interact with Samourai Wallet, Electrum, and the Google Chrome Opendime app.
  • Compatibility: Read-only
  • USB 2.0 Length: 47mm
  • Microchip: Atmel SAMD21 Cortex M0 MCU
  • Security Chip: Atmel ATECC508A
  • Materials: Plastic


Seal prevents tampering

Every Opendime comes wrapped in a small transparent layer of plastic. Due to this simple but effective precautionary mechanism, it will be overtly clear to users if their device has been previously opened and tampered with, making Opendimes auditable on the go.

To use your device for the first time, simply take a small and thin object like a pen and puncture the tiny area on the seal where you see an indicating arrow. Doing so will immediately activate your Opendime for use.

An ideal way to make large crypto purchases in the real-world

Think of your Opendime like a small, pocket-sized piggy bank. “Pop” it open when you’re ready to use it, and then you’re Bitcoin is ready to go for whatever you need. The world’s first disposable Bitcoin stick will make spending the world’s newfound Bitcoin wealth easier than ever!


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