Feitian Multipass FIDO U2F NFC Security Key

by Feitian

Feitian MultiPass FIDO® Security Key is a device to go beyond the traditional two-factor authentication systems, the built-in three communication interfaces (BLE, NFC, and USB) empower users to select the desired channel and complete a secure FIDO® U2F authentication across any of your client devices in contact or wirelessly, including desktop, notebook, tablet, and smartphone.

With the rising in personal security awareness, more and more of us are inspired to secure Google accounts by activating two-step verification feature. In this, Feitian MultiPass FIDO® Security Key provides an additional security layer beyond your password when you access your Google Account. By linking your account to the MultiPass FIDO® Security Key, even if your username and password is stolen, hackers cannot get into your account without having possession of your security key.

It is particularly worth mentioning that featuring with BLE and NFC protocol, Feitian MultiPass FIDO® Security Key provides an instantaneous second factor of authentication without needing to be plugged into a USB port, bringing the most stable and convenient experiences to the users.


  • Wireless communication powered by USB, NFC and Bluetooth BLE
  • Supports Chrome OS, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS
  • Identified as a USB HID device
  • Site Specific
  • Keys Secrets are not shared among service providers
  • No phishing or man-in-the-middle
  • Rechargeable battery 

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