Cold Storage Hologram

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Use our tamper resistant holograms to prevent people from seeing your private keys on your coin. They are extremely intricate with a resolution of 2540 dots per inch (dpi) making them extremely difficult to copy. The base color is platinum and morphs from verdant greens to deep magentas depending on how the light refracts. They are jewelry quality in a hologram and the media we post doesn't do them justice. They even stand up to moderate water exposure so no worry getting caught in the rain with a coin in your pocket. *Sold Individually*


  • Tamper Resistant
  • Individually Serialized
  • Water Resistant (Borderline Waterproof)


Store your keys safely on your coin with serialized, tamper-resistant holograms. When the hologram is removed, it self-destructs so it cannot be reapplied. Know your crypto is safe.


Our proprietary holograms are etched by one of the top hologram manufacturers in the world. They created the official holograms for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and hold over 20 different holographic manufacturing patents.

Why Holograms?

Use our holograms to safely store your private keys on your coin. Statistics show that most theft happens from people you know. Our holograms are tamper resistant giving you added peace of mind that no one has snuck a peek at your keys. They also have a window to showcase your public key so you can receive crypto to your cold storage coin. To be even more secure, you can encrypt your private keys with BIP38 so your keys are still safe if your coin is stolen as long as you have a second copy of your private keys.

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