Miniature Wireless USB Keyboard with Touchpad

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This compact little wireless keyboard with built-in trackpad is perfect for your StakeBox. Easily the best looking and most functional Mini Wireless Mouse and Keyboard on the market, this is the perfect option for your Raspberry Pi XBMC or slim-line set-up! It's been tested for full compatibility and comes equipped with a tiny, low-current nano dongle, so there are no messy wires to trip over. The mousepad is sensitive enough to control across large resolutions, but not so sensitive that you need a pin to aim it. It's also positioned so you won't accidentally brush it when you're typing. The whole unit fits neatly and comfortably in two hands for typing and is the same size and shape of a standard TV remote control (it's actually a little smaller than most), so can effortlessly slide into your sofa setup!


  • Full qwerty keyboard
  • Built-in touchpad can be switched 90° for ease of use
  • Keyboard backlight for ease of use even in dim environments
  • Multimedia control keys
  • Wireless connection - 2.4GHz DSSS radio transceiver
  • Built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery - recharge via supplied USB (cable supplied)
  • Integrated laser pointer
  • Auto sleep and wake feature
  • Maximum range 30m/100ft

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